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MTonyy Name is Tony Barca. My wife and I joined Beachbody long before we were invited to be Founding Coaches in this fine TEAM BEACHBODY organization. We see every day the obesity epidemic that is gripping our country and we want to do something about it. I am a Personal Trainer/ Yoga Teacher and My wife is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Professional. Together as Team Leaders we bring the knowledge of the Products and the experience in the feild to help people be successful in Health , Fitness and Business. As a TEAM BEACHBODY COACH You to can reap the benefits of fitness and good health by helping others achieve their own goals while being finacially rewarded for your efforts. This is truly a unique experience.
After Many Years of searching I Have found My Passion in Life.
Allow me, to Help you find Yours.

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About Us

I am a 64-year-old KID at heart. I am married to a wonderful woman and have a beautiful 14-year-old daughter. I have been a part of The Beachbody community for almost 6 years and have maintained and improved my health and fitness over that time.
I am a Heart Attack survivor (2001) that is highly motivated and dedicated to health and fitness. I want to be around to see my daughter grow. Now that's motivation.
The metamorphosis was not just physical. I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for the past 6 years and now I am also a Yoga teacher. It's amazing where a heart attack can lead. I love helping people achieve their own health and fitness goals and Now as a TEAM BEACHBODY COACH I have the unique opportunity to not only pass on the message of Health and Fitness but also the GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Being a Coach has to offer.
As a TBB Coach I have a part-time soon to be full-time business from home, with significant potential for helping people reach their fitness, health & lifestyle goals, to change their lives for the better. I support my clients/customers with my coaching skills and personal experiences.

TEAM BEACHBODY offers great products, (I AM a product of the product!!) and you can take a look or make a purchase by simply clicking the Products button.
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I'd be happy to answer any questions, or just listen if you need some support or encouragement. After all that's what being a coach is.

For me it has always been about “PAYNG IT FORWARD"..." TEACHING YOU – TO TEACH YOURSELF – TO TEACH OTHERS"..
It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Together we can change the epidemic of ill health and obesity that is running ramped in this country.

And remember.....
"This is Your Life,
No one can Live it,
No one Can Change it,

Peace, Power & Health to You

Tony Barca… RYT. CPT aka XRAYMAN2
Double Star Diamond Coach

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